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6th Grade
Ancient Egypt
Project description: Ancient Egypt Travel Brochure Project
Links to websites for your expert topics:
1. Fast Facts About Egypt: geography, language spoken, famous places, interesting tidbits

MrDonn’s Ancient Egypt for Kids -

Map of Ancient Egypt -

Geography of Egypt -

Maps of Ancient Egypt from the British Museum

Mysteries of Egypt – Geography -
Click on Nile River button at the bottom of the page.

Mr. Dowling’s site - - Read “The Gift of the Nile”

Life in Ancient Egypt - The Natural World

2. Walk Like An Egyptian: daily life in ancient Egypt, clothing, food, family, boys and girls, school -
Read “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt”

The British Museum site - - Click on “Egyptian Life”

Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Daily Life

The Cleveland Museum of Art – Food, Clothing

3. Egyptian Hieroglyphics: What are they? Why were they used? Samples of hieroglyphics – Hieroglyphics-

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics!

MrDowling’s The Rosetta Stone -

History for Kids! – Egyptian Hieroglyphics

4. Egyptian Pyramids: What do they look like? Where are they? Why were they built? Who built them?

Pyramid Construction -

Mysteries of Egypt – Architecture -

Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Tombs

Nova, Pyramids -

Ancient India

Ancient India Folders Project:

Links for research:

Ancient Indus Valley
Mr. Donn's India page
Aryan Daily Life
Glorious India
The Ramayana
Ancient India - The British Museum
Hinduism for Kids
Monuments of India
History of India
Animals of India
History for Kids - Ancient Indian Art
The Story of India - PBS

Ancient Greece

Step 1: Mapping Activity - Label the following places on the Map of Ancient Greece Handout using the linked locations below or a historical atlas:

Bodies of Water:
Adriatic Sea
Aegean Sea
Gulf of Corinth
Ionian Sea
Mediterranean Sea

Ancient Cities:

Physical Features:
Asia Minor
Island of Crete
Mount Olympus
Peloponnesian Penninsula

Battle Sites:
Straits of Salamis


GREECE, Secrets of the Past Full Documentary - ΕΛΛΑΣ, ΜΥΣΤΙΚΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΡΕΛΘΟΝΤΟΣ from Gmk Georges on Vimeo.